Wilbarani Video - a different approach to live action

Wilbarani Video productions are just a little bit different because they do not involve a camera in their conception or delivery!
If you are looking for something a little bit different in your next video, why not check us out!

Wilbarani Video - a different approach customer service

The marketplace Wilbarani Video Productions participate in is very competitive.

Our expertise covers all genres from training shoots to promos like the ones we do for water coolers.

That is why to stay ahead of the pack, we offer that little bit extra when it come to customer care. Please try us on your next project and you will soon notice the Wilbarani difference!

Contemporary video productions go way beyond entertainment!

When you stop and reflect a short while on how video has impacted on our lives in the last decade, it is easy to see the critical role it now plays in education, business, music and social media interactions. Video has become the ubiquitous tool to share political and religious beliefs, promote new concepts, seal and market services and products.

That is because the sound and sights in video productions captures the attention of its viewer in an instant and leaves a very lasting impression.

Wilbarani Video - a different approach customer value

Wilbarani are hell bent on delivering creative and compelling video productions that will do the job, without busting budgets wide apart.
Please consider us for your next project and we will show you just how you can get great production values at affordable prices!

Wilbarani Video - a different customer offer

Wilbarani offer you industry leading techniques, cutting edge video graphics developers and timely production processes that get your job out when you need it. Wilbarani provide fabulous support, trustworthy communication and most importantly, a highly effective end product. We do not cut any corners or skimp on quality. And we offer all this at uncomparable rates too!

Once we provide you with our quotation, the fee is fixed for the scope of that particular project. There are no hidden extras waiting to give you a nasty surprise either!

Wilbarani appreciate that to some people, video production might appear to be complicated. That is why we do our very best to ensure that for your benefit, we make the process really simple.

In the pre-production phase, we ask you to complete a very straightforward production briefing document which will inform the intent of the project. This will include objectives, who your target audience is, key messages and the required creative treatment.

Scriptwriting comes next where we work closely with you to devise an audio and video script which cover the topics that need to be conveyed and their running order in the video.

The next step involves our designers creating some simple sketches to compile a storyboard depicting visual concepts and key sequences for your consideration, amendment and final approval before production commences. Now the fun part begins in earnest with our animators creating graphics in line with the storyboard. The animation process continues with conversion to live action

movement, scene transitions, soundtrack and voiceover dubbing. Once we have a rough cut version of the video production available, we will let you view by accessing our online viewing portal. This will enable you to keep track of progress and provide your feedback from which further fine tuning of the video will be made until the final approved film is completed.

At that point, we will then send the video to one of our post production partner Vision4Video for a few finishing touches. They will also render the video into the final formats you require. This is usually a high definition 1080 MP4 file.

It is as simple as that!

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